About Crabcat Industries

Crabcat Industries is a costume fabrication shop, cosplay community, and new media entertainment company managing the brands “Crabcat is Go!”, “Commander Holly”, and “Jessica Marzipan”. Founded in 2010 by best friends Holly Conrad (Commander) and Jessica Merizan (Executive Officer), Crabcat has worked with video game companies to bring their characters to life, the entertainment industry for brand integration/marketing, and private collectors who want movie quality costumes for their own zany purposes. Holly and Jessica dreamed up Crabcat after welcoming a documentary film crew into their workspace for Morgan Spurlock’s major motion film, “Comic Con Episode 4: A Fan’s Hope”. Also partnered with Chris Hardwick’s empire Nerdist, Holly and Jessica produce and host “Try This at Home”, a DIY show for the delightful masses that focuses on rejecting reality, embracing escapism, and learning to make or do anything imaginable.

Commander Holly

(aka Holly Conrad)

I’m Commander Holly Conrad. Monster Maker, Special Effects Artist, Convention Carnie. I’ve saved the galaxy a few times!

Jessica Marzipan

(aka Jessica Merizan)

I’m XO Jessica Merizan. Rogue archaeologist turned professional bard. I carry extra health potions for glue gun burns!